Music Week 16.08.13 photo by Chis Christodoulou

Picture of the Week!

Urban Classic Prom snapped up Music Week's photo of the week last Friday!

Urban Classic Prom, 10 August  Photo by Mark Allan


Weren't there on Saturday night, or were and just want to remind yourself of the BRILLIANT night?

Then head to BBC Iplayer  - it's all there, every exceptional moment!

Urban Classic SOLD OUT! £5 Tickets available tomorrow!

We did mention that tickets for Urban Classic were scarce a few days ago…well now it is officially SOLD OUT!

So - it's time to start PROMMING! As summed up brilliantly by Urban Classic Prom presenter, Charlie Sloth, £5 standing tickets will be availble to over 1,000 people tomorrow, time to get organised!