Charles Hazlewood

Since winning a European Broadcasting Union competition in his 20’s, Charles Hazlewood has conducted some of the world’s best orchestras including the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam, the Gothenburg Symphony in Sweden and the Philharmonia in London. Famed for his collaborative and eclectic approach to music, he has launched a number of genre-defying initiatives including Excellent Device, Charles Hazlewood’s All Star Collective and the British Paraorchestra.

What I love about grime is that there's a real urban grittiness about it, which is what it is about. It always amused me that it has this reputation of being very gun-culture based and therefore bad in a society sense. My sense of grime is that an awful lot of it is not like that or about that at all. The rappers are real poets for a start. They do incredible poetry. Within their particular style, the rhythm that they have - intrinsic rhythm - is fascinating and compelling.

And they talk about social problems, talk about their own individual problems, and the difficulties and challenges of growing up in an urban environment - but there's a huge amount of beauty in what they discuss and an enormous amount of humour. So it's a very rounded form.